Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pundaquit, Philippines


  1. pundaquit subic philipines:) we visited subic pundaquit lastoctober 2010.. it was very nice and relaxing place,, they say its like boracay philipines:). we went to the 3 islands,, 1st one has a cave and ,, 2nd has very big wave and both has a white sand and the last one is vry nice u could ask ur self is this philipines? it is like other country. the water is very clear.and u will notice theres a lot of fine tree. amazing coz the top is cold and the bottom is warm.. very relaxing ... i want to visit punadaquit again :)^^

  2. Pundaquit is one of my favorite pick of vacation place. With Anawangin, Potipot Island, Cpones Island and Camara Island near it, you will never run out of beautiful places to go..